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Solutions for landlords and tenants

The leasing platform of Reserve Capital Partners specializes in connecting property owners and prospective tenants. With an unwavering focus on matching the right tenants with the right properties, we offer a full range of tenant-rep brokerage and landlord-rep leasing services.

Our team’s market knowledge and dedication to ensuring seamless and efficient lease transactions make us the preferred choice for property owners and tenants who are seeking professional and reliable third-party leasing solutions.

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We help create a seamless
experience by offering a full range
of brokerage services.

Property Marketing
  • Property spec sheets, tenant flyers, leasing brochures, online listings, signage, etc.
  • Property events and open houses with brokers
Tenant Screening & Interviews

Forge relationships with current and future tenants; conducting background checks on potential tenants, including creditworthiness, financial stability, and fit

Lease Negotiations

Draft and negotiate lease agreements that outline terms and conditions of the lease; create, renew, and terminate of lease agreements; includes compliance with local and national leasing regulations

Legal Compliance

Ensure properties and lease agreements are up to local, state, and federal legal standards

Space Planning & Design

Utilize relationships with engineers, architects, and designers to make the best use of a vacant space

Market Analysis & Forecasting

Monitor market trends and providing insight to property owners; forecasting and advise on future trends in order to guide leasing strategies

Guided Tours
  • Schedule, prepare, and coordinate guided tours for potential tenants and buyers;  working with current occupants to schedule showings that are convenient for all parties
  • Advise owners on the best selling points and utilization of properties
  • Collect feedback on the pros and cons from a potential tenant perspective in order to adjust marketing strategy accordingly

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Professional assistance

Contact the professionals below
for questions about RCP’s landlord-
and tenant-rep leasing services.

Grant Frerichs

Vice President of Leasing


Nathan Rylander

Brokerage & Investments

Scott Gregory

Scott Gregory

Brokerage & Investments

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